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There are so many options when it comes to installing commercial door locks. For those of us with offices in Brookline, MA, keeping your place of work safe and secure is a priority. There is more than one way to do that with the different types of commercial door locks available.

The way businesses run often influences everything around them, including their office spaces;  if you are looking to install a commercial door lock, repair, or change one; having information about some of the common commercial door lock types on the market can be crucial to find one that fits your needs.

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Types Of Commercial Door Locks

Mortise Locks

A typical commercial door locks type is the mortise lock; it has an advantage over most other types as they are strong and durable. These qualities, along with reliability from years of widespread use, have made mortise locks a regular fixture in commercial buildings. Unlike cylindrical lever locks, they are not prone to high volume traffic; in fact, their strength and durability make them ideal for commercial settings with high volume traffic; which guarantees that the doors will see a lot of use.

Mortise door locks have sizable deadbolts housed within the lock, which makes them resistant to forced entry. A mortise door lock’s internal components are strong and can withstand continuous use for years.

Cylindrical Lever Locks

Commercial buildings commonly use cylindrical lever locks to secure their doors, according to Veritas Locksmith Brookline. While they are what you might call a classic commercial door lock, they can be installed in homes too. These doors are prone to high volume traffic, which should always be considered when installing them.

Cylindrical lever locks are just one of many lever lock types; they can be operated with a key or a combination of a key and a push button. Here the push button is located on the inside, with the keyed end of the lock being used to determine who has access from the outside.

Panic Bars / Crash Bars

Panic or Crash Bars are a commercial door locks type that originated in the UK; but that does not mean they’re not widely used in commercial spaces in and around Brookline, MA. These door locks have one primary purpose: to enable access, especially at exit points; this is why they are used in many buildings in case of emergencies that require mass evacuation. These doors help to make the process more organized, but a drawback is that they need a lot of maintenance as they are prone to damage when mismanaged.

Keypad Door Locks

Keypad Door Locks are multipurpose commercial door locks; they can be used in multi-use spaces, residential buildings, and commercial buildings. What makes keypad door locks such a good fit for commercial buildings is their unique features, which allows multiple users to use the lock without ownership of the key is passed to all of them; this is invaluable for businesses where access control is a priority.

Commercial Electric Strike Locks

Commercial electric strike locks are a type of commercial door lock that came into being by merging the business’s various needs. While they stand apart from most of the commercial locks on this list by being electric, they can be used as part of a lock combination with some of the other locks. An electric/energized strike plate is a crucial difference between this door lock and a lot of the others.

The two main types of electric strike locks are fail-safe locks and fail-secure locks. Each type comes with pros and cons depending on the kind of business you run. Electric strike locks are very useful in commercial buildings with high volume foot traffic as they help manage the flow of traffic efficiently.

There are many other commercial door lock types out there, but we have just shown you some of the more common types. Others include digital or electronic door lock options like keyless door locks with coded push-button keypads, biometric fingerprint locks, programmable card readers, and more.

Many things have to be considered before choosing which type of commercial door lock is ideal for your business, including price, functionality, flexibility, durability, padlocks add security rating, and the likes. Finding a qualified and efficient commercial locksmith such as Veritas Locksmith is essential for every business in Brookline, MA that’s serious about maintaining safety.

This is the business we are talking about, and we are sure that you want only the best, and Veritas Locksmith offers you the best, including a perfect blend of all the criteria you need in making your choice of which commercial door locks type to use. You can contact Veritas Locksmith at 617-981-7683 in Brookline, MA. You may also reach us via email.

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