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Commercial Front Door Locks – Locksmiths That Make You Feel Safe

Nothing is better than working inside your office peacefully and happily. You don’t have to worry about thieves or intruders as long as you have the best commercial front door locks installed at your business place. If you are still using conventional door locks, you need to replace them with the best commercial front door locks, as they offer better security. Contact Veritas Locksmith company for the safest and most professional replacement services in Brookline, MA.

Trust us! No one can be better than us due to our years of experience. So, what are you thinking about? Call us now.

Commercial Locks and Their Types – We Are All Rounders

Commercial front door locks are available in a wide variety in the market. Since we have been dealing with commercial lock installation and replacements for many years so, we have all the makes and models of door lock services available. But before learning more about our services, let us tell you something about the various types of locks available at Veritas Locksmith:


A deadbolt lock is one of the strongest and most highly secured locks available for both commercial and residential setups. It’s like impossible to tamper with a deadbolt lock. This is the reason they are more secure for your business. A deadbolt lock contains a bolt that can be activated by a thumb turn or a key. As deadbolts are not spring activated and no one can “jimmied” open them just by using a knife or a credit card. We are providing both single and double-cylinder deadbolt lock installation and repair services. If you need front door locks that are highly secured, try using deadbolts.

Keypad Locks:

Commercial door locks that grant access to employees, clients, or customers to your workplace by entering a specific password or passcode are called keypad locks. These locks are also highly secured from unauthorized access. The reason behind it is that they are keyless, and you don’t need a physical key to operate them. So, if you want to limit access to your workplace or business space, don’t share that password with anyone who shouldn’t be having it.

Combination Locks:

Combination locks are the most commonly used door locks. They consist of a set of dials marked with letters or numbers that rotate in a specified sequence to unlock the lock.

Magnetic Locks:

Despite their strength and durability, magnetic locks can last a very long time. There are a variety of door types that can be fitted with magnetic locks, including glass doors. Installation of these locks often requires less cutting of your business door frame. A magnetic lock minimizes security threats by eliminating the risk of lost keys. These are also widely used in commercial spaces, for instance, at emergency exits.

We have all commercial lock services available at our company, so hire us for a memorable experience.

Commercial Deadbolt Locks – A lock, an enemy? Not anymore!

A commercial deadbolt lock is mandatory if you want to secure your business from thieves and intruders. Smart businessman not only grows their business but also keeps on upgrading their systems. Whether its using advance technology to work more efficiently or a security upgradation to make your employess and business assets secure and safe. Badly installed commercial front door locks can be your biggest enemy as they don’t offer the best security against burglars and intruders. So, contact Veritas Locksmith company to get the top quality commercial door lock installation services in Brookline, MA.

Commercial Locksmith Near Me – Quick To Response

Whenever you are locked inside your office or outside your workplace, you always want a commercial locksmith near me service to help you immediately. Veritas Locksmith has solved this problem by providing mobile services in the city. You can contact our front door locks experts and get a quick response. We can:

  • Replace a broken front door lock
  • Repair a damaged lock
  • Make you a lost key replacement to enter your office
  • Unlock a keypad lock
  • Unlock a lock without the key, etc.

Repair Door Locks – Experienced Team

Do you need to repair your worn door locks? Have you damaged your commercial front door locks accidentally? Do you need an experienced team to repair your door lock? Contact our locksmiths. We are trained and experienced. In addition, we have the best quality of repairing services. If you want commercial door locks change locksmith, we can provide it too. Our emergency specialists are always on the line to help you in case of a front door lock emergency situation. So, trust our expert professionals to get quick and reliable repair, replacement and installation services in Brookline, MA.

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