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Commercial Security Locks: Everything You Need to Know

Most times, our innocent noble intentions lead us to trust typical locks, and we tend to blindly believe that they will sufficiently keep anyone who doesn’t have a key out. We ignore the highly probable multiple forms of forceful entry, and we only realize how wrong we were when break-ins occur. It’s an unimaginable incidence for business premises, mostly when we have lost valuable assets critical in our operations. To avoid such occurrences, it’s always advisable to get commercial security locks. Here’s all you need to about them.

Why Commercial Security Locks and not Ordinary Locks?

Well, this is much like asking the difference between ‘locked’ and ‘secure.’ Locking indicates an intention to keep unauthorized persons out of a room or building, right? This is what typical locks do. However, it doesn’t mean that you have actually gone the extra mile of ensuring that the unwanted persons stay out of the restricted area. Commercial security locks have features that make them almost impenetrable; hence, only authorized or highly skilled persons can have access.

Features of commercial security locks

Here are features that set high-security locks apart from typical locks.

  • They are immune to bump keys – a high-security lock will not give in to picking attempts using a bump key. Bump keys commonly work with pin tumbler locks. Commercial security locks employ two mechanisms to avert giving in to bumping. Some of them refrain from operating using pin tumblers. Others use additional components. For instance, some have rotating disk locks while others feature sliders. The use of magnetic key systems among several other techniques also extensively averts possible bumping.
  • Despite their resistance, no lock in the world is impossible to pick. The only difference is the amount of time and the skill level of the person doing the picking. Commercial security locks are sophisticated, and only an expert would manage to pick it. In most cases, this will not just be any petty bugler or intruder. A professional from Veritas Locksmith can pick a high-security lock in less than a minute.
  • Their key cylinders will be drill-resistant – commercial security locks are made of hardened steel, which is quite a hard nut to crack. Drilling usually is the last resort when picking fails. The objective is to mess with the key cylinder to gain access. With hardened steel, drilling becomes a nightmare, and the steel becomes an additional security layer for the lock.
  • They provide advanced key control – sometimes, intrusion comes from the inside. Someone might try to gain access to a restricted area, so they might consider getting a duplicate key from across the street. With a high-security lock, key duplicating is not always easy. Their keys have unique angle cuts, which call for a special key-cutting machine in case you need a duplicate.


Technological evolution has played a part in advancing commercial security locks, and it has brought about more measures to improve the lock’s security capabilities. Here are some trends in the development of high-security locks.

  • Keyless entry – some locks no longer require keys to unlock. More accurate personnel access is being achieved using facial recognition, biometric identification, and the use of passcodes. This has helped to specify the clearance level of people accessing facilities.
  • Remote monitoring – smart devices can authenticate entry requests and remotely lock or unlock entry points. Some modern commercial security locks also support real-time security alerts when tampered with.
  • Multi-layer security features – integrating video surveillance, intrusion alerts, and security locks have enhanced security control in business premises.
  • Custom tailoring – just like virtually everything else, you can have your commercial security locks made to suit your specific security needs. Custom systems are ideal for business premises since they serve specific security needs. So, visit Veritas Commercial Locksmith in Brookline, MA, and be guided.

Are there any shortcomings?

High-security locks are definitely not a panacea for your security issues. Here are three major concerns that you should put into account before deciding to go with them.

  • They are not entirely theft-proof – in as much they outdo their typical counterparts, commercial security locks can still be picked, and an intruder will still find a way to manipulate them. If there’s a loophole, consider it as well.
  • They are expensive – with all their security features, you’d not expect to get them cheaply. You’ll have to cough out a significant amount of cash to acquire them.
  • They will require auxiliary security measures – for instance, to get a good combination, you will need a surveillance camera and a working alarm system to claim full control of security at access points.

Commercial security locks are currently among the best basic security measures, and you should seriously consider them if you want top security for your business premises. However, it is always prudent to consult an expert who will help you narrow down your actual security issues and the best way to approach them.

Visit us at Veritas Locksmith in Brookline, MA, for a comprehensive guide.

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