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Here at Veritas Locksmith we provide Auto Locksmith services when needed and at your convenience. Lockouts don’t work on a set schedule which is why we work 24/7/365 for our customers so when they call we are there for them. We are highly-trained and skilled locksmiths who have years of experience and a fully equipped mobile service vehicle to your front door with everything needed to complete the job in a timely and affordable fashion.

Having Your New Locks Installation Completed by a Pro Is Important

When you move into a new home or apartment even if it is a brand spanking new home, it is important to have the New Locks Installation completed by a professional Brookline locksmith. Veritas Locksmith can properly install any locks made for your home and office quickly and efficiently. Why hire a professional? Sometimes simple contractors don’t install deadbolts correctly. Also you don’t really know how many keys are floating around to the locks that belong to your brand new home. Now that is creepy. Improperly installed locks and deadbolts will not protect your home and will allow intruders in easier.

Locksmith Residential Services Cambridge, MA

Veritas Locksmith Your 24 7 Residential Locksmith

Locksmith Service to Install Dead-bolts

The best Brookline locksmith service to install Dead-bolts in your office or home is Veritas Locksmith. Having your office or home secured with the best brand of dead-bolts starts with a call to our customer service. You will be connected to one of our certified technicians for personalized advice. Our experts may require you to go through our catalog and choose your preferred brands. Be sure that we only stock proven brands. Hence, you can choose any brand of dead-bolts that fit your budget. Once you select your brands, we will dispatch our technicians to install them. Get in touch today for prompt services.

Find affordable peephole installation services

It is unsafe to live in a house without a peephole. Most of the traditional wooden doors do not have peepholes. Even if you have secure gates, you still need peepholes on your doors. You can have peepholes on all your doors today if you call Veritas Locksmith. Immediately after you place your order for our peephole installation services, we will send our Locksmith Brookline MA to inspect your doors. This step is necessary to ensure that we fit the best peepholes and use the right equipment on your doors. We do not want you to incur any liabilities in terms of damaged doors.

Have a Professional Remove Broken Keys from Your Door Safely

It happens to everyone, you stick your key in the lock turn it and “pop” the key breaks off in the lock. Instead of standing there staring at it, call a professional Brookline locksmith such as Veritas Locksmith to remove broken keys from your door safely and quickly. Why a professional? For the main reason that trying to remove the key yourself can cause damage to the lock unless you really know what you’re doing and can cost you more money, in the long run, to replace the lock.

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