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How To Deal With An Emergency Lockout ASAP

Are you a homeowner, car owner, or tenant? Finding yourself in an emergency lockout can be a stressful experience. However, there is a solution for almost everything, right? In case you are in a lockout situation, the following tips can help you out.

1. Do Not Be Nervous.

Always remain calm and don’t panic, despite the desperate urge to shout for help. Calling for help may attract too much attention; bring more confusion and chaos into the situation. Analyze the problem calmly and make well thought out decisions on what to do next.

2. Check for Possible Spots.

Where You May Have Left the Keys.It’s possible that you just forgot where you kept your keys. Check inside your bag, pockets, or vehicle. If you just left your workplace, contact colleagues to check whether you left the keys at your workstation. If they find the keys, request them to keep the key safely to avoid losing them again.

3. Get a Duplicate Key.

Most locks come with duplicate keys. It’s wise to give one of the duplicate keys to a family member, trusted neighbor, or friend. This provides easy access to the duplicate in case of an emergency car locksmith. If you have access to your spare key, you can easily unlock the door.

4. Check for Spare Keys.

If you do not have a duplicate key at the moment, check for a spare key around your compound. At times, people tend to hide a key around their home for easy access. Especially under their doormats, pots, yard, or roof hanging.

5. Do not break in, Contact a Locksmith Professional for Emergency Lockout

Lockouts may trigger desperation; if you cannot get a spare key at all, don’t try breaking into your home or car. Breaking in may result in damages and, ultimately, extra costs for repairs. However, you can only consider a break-in in a dire situation, for example, in a matter of life and death. You can check online or ask friends for contacts of a trusted Brookline, MA, locksmith for immediate assistance.

6. Consider Installing a Smart Lock During Emergency Lockout

Technology has made it possible to have keyless doors. For more convenience, install a smart lock. Professional Brookline, MA, locksmiths can provide smart lock services for brands ranging from; Schlage Encode, Yale Assure, and August Smart Lock Pro. Once they install the smart lock, they will walk you through how to use it.
Smart locks use Bluetooth connections to control locks through an application installed in smart devices such as a smartphone. Hence, you must understand how to use a smart lock. You have the option of purchasing the lock and have our specialists do the installation. Smart locks are a quick solution to an emergency lockout since you don’t have to worry about losing your keys.

If you experience locksmith emergency services, you can contact our professional and trusted locksmiths anytime for an immediate solution; we are there for you 24/7.

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